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Our history

Growing global employee representation over the span of decades

Our Journey to Employee Representation


Syensqo Group pledges its commitment to the Global Forum of Syensqo and to upholding the previously established agreements.

As a result of a partial demerger of the Solvay Group, , Syensqo is launched.


The agreement with the Global Forum is renewed until 2026.

The agreement with industriALL Global Union is renewed until 2026.

Launch of the Employee Share Purchase Plan (SPP).

The agreement with the EWC is renewed until 2026 recognizing EWC as a permanent body to represent the interest of all employees in Europe.

Letter of intent of the introduction of the Employee Share Purchase Plan.


Global framework agreement on Digital Transformation.

Charter on Recognition of Employee Representative Experience.


The Global Forum is recognized as a permanent body.

Launch of the Cares Global agreement, offering a minimum level of protection for employees in terms of welfare and healthcare.

Updated industriALL agreement including new social policies:
– Protection of metal safety at work.
– Reinforcement of anti-discrimination.
– Diversity and environment protection.

Introduction of the Global Forum.

Launch of the Performance Sharing Program for all employees.


1st Global framework agreement with industriALL is established.

Current European Directive 2009/38/EC on Works Council is introduced.


Introduction of the European Works Council.

1st European Directive on the establishment of a European Works Council for the purposes of informing and consulting employees (94/45/EC).