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How we work

Fostering strong collaboration and dialogue to represent workers worldwide

Global Forum of Syensqo (GFS)

The Global Forum of Syensqo (GFS) was created to represent the interests of all employees of Syensqo worldwide. With a goal  to establish a two-way conversation between top-level leadership and employee/union representatives it provides a platform to ask questions and raise concerns.

Key responsiblities

The Global Forum of Syensqo aims to:

To ensure the implementation of the Global Framework Agreement on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

Take initiative to extend social dialogue within Syensqo.

To participate in a two-way dialogue between employee and management representatives. In addition, to work on proposals for improvement.

Governance of the Global Forum of Syensqo

The Global Forum for Syensqo is a voluntary body driven by Syensqo employees and is not regulated by any international or local legislation.


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Our employee representatives

To ensure stability and continuity of composition and functioning, the Global Forum at Syensqo represents the major countries in which Syensqo operates, taking into account the number of employees, sites, and the dimension of all countries.

Our composition

The GFS comprises 6 representatives from the regions where has a presence:

Gregory MAY and Patricia PETERSON
from North America
Louise COLLETT and Andrea CAPELLI
from the European Works Council (Europe)
from China
from India