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How we work

Fostering strong collaboration and dialogue to represent workers worldwide

European Works Council (EWC)

The European Works Council (EWC) represents the interests of all Syensqo employees in Europe, including the United Kingdom. Its main purpose is to discuss and disseminate information relating to matters that have a significant impact on employees and undertakings within Europe and the UK.

Key responsibilities

The European Works Council aims to discuss and communicate on:

The general functioning of the Group related to:

  • the structure.
  • the economic and financial situation.
  • the likely evolution of the business production and sales.
  • safety, health and environmental policy, the general directions of the social policy of the Group and the major Human Resources projects.

Transnational matters within the European law related to:

  • the situation in terms of employment and its likely evolution.
  • investments undertaken at Group level or involving several countries.
  • the substantial changes regarding the Group’s organization.
  • the introduction of new working methods or of new processes of production.
  • the production transfers, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing or closure of undertakings or establishments or significant parts thereof.
  • collective redundancy plans.

Your EWC members

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Governance of the European Works Council : 10 members

Membership of the EWC must meet the following criteria:
One member per country that

  • has a manufacturing facility with a minimum of 40 employees
  • OR where Syensqo has at least 100 employees

Countries receive an additional seat per 800 employees.

Our composition : Secretary, Select Committee, Enlarged SC and Members

The Syensqo EWC comprises of 7 countries with 10 representatives:

United Kingdom / Louise COLLETT
Germany / Daniel SCHEURER
France / Dominique DÜRR, Gilles MILLOUX and Denis GEORGEON
Belgium / Nicolas DELIGNE
The Netherlands / Eric SALY
Portugal / Helena FERREIRA
Italy / Andrea CAPELLI and Alessandro CASSARA

Seminar working group June 2024

Durring the plenary session