European Works Council
and Global Forum of Syensqo

Representing Syensqo workers worldwide

By employees, for employees

We proudly stand as the representatives of the global workforce at Syensqo. Our mission is to ensure trust, fairness and transparency through dialogue and collaboration with the management for the benefit of all colleagues at Syensqo.
Louise Collett
Secretary of the Syensqo EWC and Coordinator of Global Forum at Syensqo

About the Global Forum of Syensqo

The Global Forum of Syensqo (GFS) is a global body for employee representation. We represent the interests of 13,000 Syensqo colleagues worldwide throughout Asia Pacific, Americas, and Europe, ensuring their voices are heard by leadership and their rights are protected. Established in 2015, we act as a permanent, voluntary, and internal entity of Syensqo.

About the European Works Council of Syensqo

Established in 1995, The European Works Council (EWC) represents all Syensqo colleagues in European countries, including the United Kingdom. Our representatives ensure all European workers are informed and consulted on the progress of the business and any decisions at European level that could affect employment or work conditions.

Our mission

We are a team of diverse representatives being the voice of the employees facilitating two-way social dialogue between senior leadership and all colleagues on a global level ensuring all colleagues are represented and well-informed.

Our Values


We seek to establish strong collaboration between Syensqo leadership and employee representatives to create a positive and productive work environment.


We promote open and honest communications by providing colleagues with a platform to express opinions and concerns, ask questions, and by giving leadership direct insight into the social climate of the Group.


We hold Syensqo accountable for its actions and decisions. We ensure the Group adheres to global labor standards and workers’ rights and follows through on its social responsibility commitments.


To empower and represent employees’ interests by facilitating open communication ensuring they are heard by the leadership of the Syensqo Group.


By representing all Syensqo colleagues at all sites and on all levels, we strive to promote inclusion and improve the diversity of voices within our representative bodies and the company as a whole.

Following the partial demerger of Solvay, the Management has committed to continue the Global Forum of Syensqo.

As a member of the Global Forum of Syensqo, it is our mission to establish a strong social dialogue between Syensqo leadership and all global colleagues to facilitate open communication, cooperation, and collective decision-making across all sites.

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