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How we work

Fostering strong collaboration and dialogue to represent workers worldwide

Our global network of representatives

Ensuring representation of all Syensqo employees worldwide requires a strong network of union, employee representatives and management representatives who champion productive collaboration and dialogue.
In 2024, the Syensqo Group committed to continue with the Global Forum of Syensqo and the EWC for all Syensqo employees worldwide.

The global agreement with IndustriALL on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development establishes minimum standards for all Syensqo employees worldwide.

Global framework agreement

The Global Framework Agreement sets clear standards and principles regarding Syensqo’sresponsibility in its dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, communities, residents living near its sites, the environment, and natural resources worldwide.

Hear from Tom Grinter, Chemical Sector Director at IndustriALL Global Union

Tom Grinter celebrates the ongoing relationship between Syensqo and IndustriALL Union