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Our history

Growing global employee representation over the span of decades

Global Forum of Syensqo (GFS)

In 2024, after the partial demerger of the Solvay Group and the formation of the Syensqo Group, Syensqo committed to maintaining and upholding the agreements previously established by the Global Forum.

Establishing a global partnership with IndustriALL Global Union

In the years following the formation of the European Works Council, the decision was made to extend its authority beyond the EU directive and include all workers worldwide.
In 2013, the Group signed a Global Framework Agreement on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development with IndustriALL , a global union federation that represents more than 50 million working people in over 140 countries. The agreement sets minimum standards and principles with all its stakeholders and the environment and ensures the involvement of all employees in the implementation of those standards and principles.

The formation of the Global Forum

To ensure the General Framework Agreement is correctly implemented, the Global Forum was established in 2015.

In 2017, the Global Forum was recognized as a permanent body of Solvay .

In 2024, following the partial demerger of the Solvay Group and the emergence of the Syensqo Group, Syensqo pledged a commitment to continue with the Global Forum at Syensqo for all Syensqo employees.

The Global Forum of Syensqo brings together employee representatives from the major countries and regions in which Syensqo operates to oversee the implementation of the agreement, and to facilitate top-down and bottom-up communication between employee representatives and senior management on economic, financial and social matters.