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Our achievements

Keep up with the latest social developments and newly announced
framework agreements across the Group.

Since the founding of the European Work Council in 1995 and the Global Forum in 2017, employees worldwide have benefited from carefully negotiated agreements that secure and protect their social interests. In 2024, after the partial demerger of the Solvay Group and the formation of the Syensqo Group, Syensqo committed to maintaining and upholding the agreements previously achieved, by the EWC and the SGF, through strong dialogue and collaboration.

Syensqo Cares Agreement

The Syensqo Cares agreement offers a minimum level of protection for all Syensqo employees worldwide in terms of welfare and healthcare.

The global universal minimum benefits offer the following:

  • 16-week parental leave for all parents, co-parents and adoptive parents at full salary.
  • At least 75% of medical fees covered in case of hospitalization or severe illness.
  • Disability insurance with two years of salary covered.
  • Life insurance covering up to two years of salary.
  • Employee Wellbeing Support, providing free and confidential mental health and other support services to employees and household members.
  • Caregivers leave: Syensqo grants up to 5 days of paid leave for employees to care for a loved one in unforeseen circumstances.

Syensqo Shares

The Syensqo Shares agreement enables all employees  to become a full shareholder with real shares, voting rights, compliant information and dividends.

By making Syensqo shares available to all employees worldwide, regardless of their position or grading, Syensqo wants to involve employees in the success of the Group and bridge the gap between shareholders’ and employees’ perspectives.

Global Performance Sharing Agreement

Non cadre employees worldwide can take advantage of a performance sharing plan based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, linked to the achievement of financial and sustainable development targets.

An annually negotiated budget is distributed in line with each country’s total payroll and total headcount.

Charter on Recognition of Employee Representative Experience

The European Work Council negotiated a charter that recognizes that the work of employee representatives should be considered as standard business activity, and that the skills and knowledge they require should be valued equally to any other business-related skills.

By recognizing the importance of employee representatives and the roles they perform, we can enhance social dialogue across Europe and encourage staff engagement in employee representation activities.

The Global Framework Agreement on Digital Transformation

The agreement on Digital Transformation recognizes the strategic importance of technological and digital developments and the need to upskill Syensqo employees worldwide to ensure a motivated workforce, enhanced economic performance, innovation, job creation, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.

The agreement provides a framework for management and employee representatives to engage with these issues locally to achieve detailed joint action plans, and defines the principles that Syensqo should follow to achieve a successful implementation of digital projects on a global scale.