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Syensqo signs endorsement to establish the Global Forum of Syensqo

On 23rd January 2024, Syensqo signed an endorsement agreement to continue the Global Forum of Syensqo.  The endorsement reflects the global employee footprint of Syensqo and secures seats for representatives in North America, China, India and Europe.  Regions that do not have a seat at the Global Forum will be represented by the Global Forum Coordinator. 

Read the full details of the endorsement here

March 31, 2023
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SYENSQO signs Global Performance Sharing agreement for 2024

SYENSQO has signed an agreement to continue its Global Performance Sharing Program.

Based on quantitative and qualitative criteria, non-cadre employees worldwide will be able to benefit from a profit-sharing plan linked to the Group’s performance. 

With the program, the Group wants to recognize employees’ contributions and foster a strong sense of belonging among the global workforces.

Read the full details of the endorsement here

June 20, 2024
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Syensqo extends Syensqo Cares program with new compassionate care agreement

Syensqo has extended its Syensqo Cares benefit package with a new agreement that provides additional paid leave to employees who need to care for a loved one during work hours in case of an unexpected event. 

Thanks to the agreement, employees will not have to sacrifice their personal annual leave to care for close loved ones in unforeseen circumstances. 

The agreement comes into effect from October 2023 and applies to all workers worldwide.


Download the full agreement here

December 8, 2023